Merit Badges have been deleted twice this year

I have rechartered and my YPT is current. When I received the email from scoutbook, I looked logged into scoutbook and all my merit badges I was a counselor for was not there. Two weeks later I was told I can give a class at a merit badge university and I logged into scoutbook again and all the merit badges where there. But I was removed from all the scouts that I was a merit badge counselor for. And I can’t be added back to the scouts yet it shows I am a counselor for that merit badge. This is the email I received,

Hi Thomas,

Your council has recently updated its list of approved merit badge counselors and shared that information with unit leaders on Scoutbook.

There are no merit badges listed.

Since you already have a Scoutbook account, there is no action that you need to take at this time. Thank you for everything you do for Scouting and for your support of Scoutbook.

District says it’s a council issue and council says there is a glitch in the software. But this is a hassle for me and the scouts that I am/was a merit badge counselor for.

Tom Harris

Any help would be appreciated.

@ThomasHarris4 hmmmm - I setup a sync for this afternoon - hopefully it solves it

Thank you

Tom Harris

I don’t see any difference, it almost seems like the scoutbook software application has changed and I don’t have the selections I used to have. But back to the merit badges. I see in my position as a merit badge counselor, but I don’t see myself when I try to search for a merit badge counselor. I see everyone else in my area that I know but not myself. Can council or district control this type of scoutbook software function that shows I am a counselor but to see I am not listed? Or is this a glitch just for me because I don’t see it happening to anyone else?

Tom Harris

Your merit badges are there now - look at your positions they should be listed. If you are already connected to the scout the search will not show you, just go to that connection and click MBC

It happened again, I received an email today and it stated there are no merit badges that I am signed for. On April 12 all the merit badges were listed and now they are not. Is there any explanation?

Tom Harris

It is in AKELA Right - what I think is happening is this - You are MBC in 2 Districts - I think one District (at least) is directly uploading a MBC file to Scoutbook that has NO MBs for you - SB takes the latest update (by file or in AKELA) as the truth. You need to talk to council to see if this is what is happening. I will fix SB again

Or more likely is the council has an upload list that has no merit badges for you. SB is working as designed, it is some human action your council is taking.

First of all thank you! I have noticed when I conduct a search for my name, I am displayed twice in the search. Once in Lawton, OK and the second is in Cache, OK. I think it’s the same district and I never really that anything wrong with it. I will start at Black Beaver District to see if they can fix the problem. If not I will go Last Frontier Council (Jill Fulmer) and see if they can fix it.
Again thank you for your help and your time!

Tom Harris

What you want to be asking is "is the Council Scoutbook Admin Uploading a merit badge list for the MBCs? " if so, “What MBs are on my name on that list?”

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