Weird situation: parent and (cub) scout have swapped profiles?

I noticed this today because this parent emailed the pack and it showed up as coming from her scout. I’ve never seen this happen before.

In “messages” this scout’s name appears as the only “Youth Member” I can email in my Pack. I have a Cub pack so none of the scouts have had emails listed

Something is really bizarre here. I feel like this was not the case a few months ago. Can you please investigate and advise what is going on? It seems like the accounts are either swapped or set up with crossed contact info. Please advise.

SB User ID: 11898568
BSA Member ID: 13878062

Adult Member ID:

Thank you!!

@MichaelCasella everything looks fine - the mother just invited the scout to have an account

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Thanks for looking into this! So if we got a message sent “from the scout account” did she log in incorrectly?
(If yes- do you know which log in method she should use?)
Thanks as always for your help!

@DonovanMcNeil just wanted to follow up on this to see if you can please advise what this parent did wrong to send an email “from her scout” instead of from her. I think it is impacting her ability to receive replies, or possibly the replies are only accessible in scoutbook.

i.e. “Reply to” was just to a scoutbook email address, and not the sender’s actual email like I am used to seeing.

Thanks again!

The mom likely logged in as her Scout. Likely due to a saved login / password in the web browser.

The “don’t reply” email is something others have pointed out is a known issue.

So where do the replies go? Are they accessible in Scoutbook? or lost? just want to know if we need to resend the message.

Oh also this “don’t reply email” I am seeing is different than this new issue where messages are duplicated individually, which I just discovered after sending out a pack email!

If someone replied to the do not reply email, it is gone.

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Thanks for confirming! We will resend then for sure!

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