Missed removing a scout and recharter already submitted

Hi everyone. We missed removing a scout from our recharter- he moved away in the summer and I don’t believe he’s in scouting at all currently. I’m the committee chair and it is my first year in this role. Same with our Cubmaster. Recharter was completely new to both of us. Everything has been submitted. Our local council says they cannot do anything. What can be done so that we aren’t paying $72 for a child who is no longer in scouting? Or how can we get our money back?

Part of our popcorn rewards were that if a child sold $1000 in popcorn, the pack paid their recharter fee. So our pack paid for about 75% of the kiddos- which was great and made this an easy process, but I think it also contributed to this getting past us.


Council might be able to reset the whole recharter for the unit - not sure after payment though. otherwise they just remove scout with no refund

I called council this morning and no one seemed to really know. This was prior to payment. They basically said they cannot do anything once it’s been submitted and that we would have to request a refund at the national level.

When you say “this was prior to payment”, do you mean you chose council check payment and NOT echeck or credit card? Our council said if you did council payment, they could intercede before full posting and thus could have some flexibility.

If you did echeck / credit card, you may be out of $72.

Yes, we chose council payment. But once they told us they could not do anything, payment was made with cash at the scout office this morning.

I don’t know what can be done at this point, but I would recommend asking your council to submit a help request to National.

I don’t know why- I find it so hard to believe that nothing can be done. No one really seems to know for sure. Is there not a help desk that I can call? Also- how is it right that National will just keep money that was overpaid? For a child who isn’t even in scouting anymore?

Well @BrookeSalazar it is you that defined the individual was still in Scouting by keeping them on the charter. How else would National, or even your council know??? There is no help line. Your only recourse is to ask council to submit a Membercare Ticket asking for a refund.

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Yes- you are right. And I previously explained how the error occurred. They have to know errors will happen. I mean- this whole recharter thread is full of bugs and people complaining about things that aren’t showing up right. I admit- I made a mistake. Just didn’t think it’d be so set it stone with minimal amount of people actually knowing how to fix it.


Everyone on these forums is a volunteer. All we can tell you is what we have been told by our contacts in BSA IT. Individual member and unit support is via the Council. If a Council cannot solve the problem, they have access to Member Care to get additional help. Someone at every Council knows how to open a ticket with Member Care for issues such as your’s.

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It is kind of like a press I use - Once I approve an upload it is locked - even if I find an error and know they have done NOTHING with files - I have to make a ticket for them to delete it. I guess they would rather have the file than not.

I will do that then. The women I talked to at council both acted as if they had no idea what to do about it. And they were the ones I was transferred to for recharter questions. I will call them back and ask them if they can put in a ticket for it. Thanks.