Missing a number of cub scouts

We are changing our pack over to Scoutbook, previously only used excel. I’m a pack admin and when logging in to print of our advancements I noticed a number of scouts where missing from our dens. They are also missing in Internet Advancement 2. Quick glance I’m missing 1/3 of the pack, maybe 10+ scouts.

Here are just a few of the BSA ids

Is there a way I bring these scouts back into the system?



What is your pack number and council? We will investigate.

Thanks for the quick response.

Anthony Wayne Area council

Pack 3307 at St Charles

Please let me know I can provide any other info.


I wanted to check in to see if you have had any luck finding the missing scouts?

Thanks for your help.


The developers found an issue with Member Update. They are working on a fix which will put these Scouts back on your roster and avoid the issue in the future.

OK Thank you! Any ballpark on an ETA?

Not yet. I asked this morning for status on the fix.

Ok, Thank you for all your help. I’ll keep an eye on it.


I have been told this issue has been fixed. Please confirm.

Looks like we have everyone back in the system. Thanks for your help!

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