Quick Entry Disappeared

Since transitioning from the Lions Den to the Tigers den the Quick Entry form as disappeared. I assume it is some sort of account issue at the pack level but does anyone have any suggestions? Is there a button I am missing?

The cubmaster mentioned something about different profiles, parent, former scout, leader? Is there a place to switch which of these you are currently acting as?

Forgot to mention, I’m listed as the Den Admin and Tiger Den Leader:

What QE are you looking for?

Trying to enter adventure requirements for all scouts at one time.

Go to Den > Click Quick Entry > it is right there. If not have an admin reset your Den Admin Position

Ok I’m not seeing it. I’ll ask the pack to reset the admin position:

@GeorgeEichinger - so there is nothing below the list of scouts?

Correct, I just see this at the bottom:

I’m going to have our pack re add me. I should see it there, right?

Yeah your account looks funny to me - have an admin look at it

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