Missing from Scoutbook


I just had a volunteer reach out because a scout who has been in scoutbook for the past 4 years, and is still current on the charter, disappeared from Scoutbook when they went into the system to update an advancement. Advice that I can give the volunteer?



Post the BSA # and we can look @ChasAndrews2

BSA Member ID#: 127849928 - in Hawk Mountain Council

@ChasAndrews2 An ASM and Unit Admin ended his membership in SB - I setup a sync for this afternoon to get it back

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Just as a side comment, in case it’s relevant, we’ve seen this occur a couple of times when a unit admin has ended a current patrol membership instead of transferring the scout to the new patrol. If that’s the scout’s only unit membership in Scoutbook (which if you sort the scouts into patrols is generally true), then the scout will disappear (at least that has been our experience).

ETA: See @DonovanMcNeil’s comment below for the fastest way to resolve it when this is the cause.

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Thank you very much.

Leaders need to learn to look at My Connections > they would have found scout there


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