New scout disappeared from ScoutBook

We have a scout who recently joined, appeared in ScoutBook and was assigned to a Den, and then now has mysteriously disappeared from ScoutBook. He still shows up in our Roster on, but is not in either the Den list or in the Pack roster in ScoutBook. To my knowledge, nobody has gone and changed anything for this scout. Our council suggested that someone may have added an “end date” to his membership in ScoutBook, but I don’t know who would have done something like that so I suspect a bug of some kind. Let me know what can be done about this issue, or send me a PM if further information is needed (name, BSA number, etc).

Just post the BSA # and we can look @BryceEldridge

BSA member number is 14696321

Can’t tell - it is like when you put him in a den it auto ended? I setup a sync for position to come back over night. Wednesday go to den and click Reassign - then select the scout. @BryceEldridge

Make sure you are using the reassign den buttons rather than ending one membership and creating another.

Yes that’s exactly what I did. I approved his application, used Reassign to add him to a den, and then a few days later he just disappeared.

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