Missing Lion Guide and can't add him back in

When all of the Lion and Tiger partners were wiped from the Scout Book roster our Lion Guide was wiped too. I tried to add him back in and it won’t let me. Council registrar can’t do anything other than confirm that he is a registered Lion Guide.

Leader has two numbers: Lion Guide #14456908 Lion Partner #2092290
I watched him connect the two numbers in the “Manage member ID” part of My.Scouting

Can anyone help me resolve this?


I’m looking into this for you

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The problem is the MIDs are from 2 different councils. In rare cases, a MID from one council can be seen by other councils and used for parent/guardian connections. This sometimes causes the MID to be swapped in Scoutbook.

I have put the registered MID 14456908 back into Scoutbook and requested his positions be synced. Check after 4:00 PM Central.

His e-mail address in Akela is different than in Scoutbook. I recommend going to his profile in Scoutbook and confirming the e-mail address. Once the correct e-mail address is in the Scoutbook/IA profile, click Save to push it to all other systems.

Finally, contact your Council and have them place MID 14456908 on his Scout’s relationship tab using Registrar Tools and remove MID 2092290.

Thanks so much! I appreciate the quick response.

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