Several Leaders Suddenly Showing as Non-Registered Leader in SB

I’m the CC for our cubscout pack. Before the Feb 1 update all of our leaders were good. Now I have several registered adult leaders showing as non-registered and have no way to correct this. Even our cubmaster shows as non-registered and he’s been the cubmaster for years now.

I’ve tried re-assigning roles and updating profile after. This had not impact though.

How can I get this fixed or who can I contact to get assistance with this?


Log in to and make sure the BSA Member ID for these leaders on your roster match the BSA Member ID for them in Scoutbook. If they do not match, that is why the system thinks they are not registered and either your council support staff or the SUAC will need to investigate.

If they do match, post the MIDs here (we don’t need names) so we can ask the developers to investigate.

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Thanks for the quick reply. 3 of the 4 have mismatched numbers in SB vs the Roster list from My.Scouting. I’ll get in touch with council support staff to have that remedied.

There is one that does match though. 13703675 is the MID.

I have the same issue with one of my Den Leaders. His numbers match the myscouting. How can I get it fix? MID 120131398


Your leader is a LIon Guide. We need to find out why it is being flagged as not registered.

I’m having the same issue for several leaders. The most concerning is that my Executive Officer has been flagged and his BSA number is the same in both databases. The pastor has been the Executive Officer for over 10 years now.

The Executive Officer is not a registered leader. They are not required to take Youth Protection Training (YPT) or have a Criminal Background Check (CBC). Unless the Executive Officer is also registered in a position that required YPT and CBC they will be removed from Scoutbook rosters on March 1.

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Will they still be listed on the roster?

Yes, the Executive Officer will remain on the roster. This change is only for Scoutbook.


I have the same issue and my BSA MID is 13425000 thanks for your time and expertise.

My Lion Guide has the same problem. He is the Lion Adult Partner and the Lion Guide. Both of his Member IDs match. His MID is 13630087. What do I need to do to fix this?

@WilliamBarnett2 - you currently have no registered Leader positions under that BSA # - just Tiger Cub Adult (Parent) - so the system is working

@MichaelJohnson17 - the Lion Guide thing is a known reported issue

Will we be notified when the Lion Leader issue is fixed, or if there is additional work needed on our end to rectify it? I just want to make sure that all my Lion Leaders aren’t deleted on March 1st.
@StaciDaniels-Sommers @ShawnaBouha-Mayer

The Lion Guide will be fixed before release - SUAC will make sure of that to the degree we can

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Can you check these two: 12831840 and 12831792
It matches both in SB and myscouting roster for both of these, so not sure what the issue is.

@CurtisDennis - both have registrations - are they showing the indicator on the roster?

Yes, they both have the yellow triangle. @DonovanMcNeil

Have you been able to find anything out on those 2 adults? Everything I’m seeing they should be fine.

I am having the same issue with my MID 134444307. I’m the lion leader. Has that issue been resolved.