Missing Scout on Scoutbook

I have a scout (ID 14783556) that is on our charter and my.scouting roster but isn’t listed in Scoutbook. How do we sync up the rosters?

Thank you.

@MHTroop511KDC The Scout appears to have active registrations in 2 councils.

She transferred to our Troop last November. Maybe her old troop forgot to drop her from their roster when they rechartered?

@MHTroop511KDC Is the Scout no longer active with the other troop in the former council?

The Scout is no longer active with the other council or troop because they moved.


Contact the other Council and ask them to end the Scout’s membership. Scoutbook will often switch MIDs on a Scout when they are registered in more than 1 council, causing problems.

Contacting the previous Council…
Is that a ‘one-off’?
standard operating procedures.?

@ChadHumphrey The Scout should have been dropped at Recharter, but was not. So I would call this a one off.

I have requested the Scout’s mom to contact their former troop.

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