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I’m a district training chair and I’m trying to record a training completion for a scout in my district.
I was able to add the training for all the other scouters except that one.

He is listed in Scoutbook for the unit, I have a screenshot! but impossible to find him by his BSA ID or name.
In fact, when searching by the last name, I get his kid and spouse, but not him.

Can someone tell me what is going on?

@NicolasRietsch - my instinct tells me this is a non registered adult

He’s an adult leader, I’d be very surprised if he was not registered.
Also, since I have a BSA ID, should I not be able to find him in my.scouting.org based on that BSA ID, registered or not?

I suspect that @Stephen_Hornak is right, but another possibility is that the current registration is attached to a misspelled name. We’ve had that happen a couple of times.

One approach is to reach out to one of the Unit Key 3 and ask them to verify that the scouter is on their roster at https://my.scouting.org. They may be able to more easily spot an erroneous spelling or conflicting BSA ID than a general search of the council registration.

I don’t think so (at least not through the training interface) if the BSA ID was never registered as a scouter. For example, Tiger and Lion Partners are assigned BSA IDs, but are not considered registered adults (no application, no background check, no approval by COR and/or council).

@NicolasRietsch If you want to post the BSA member number (no names, please), we can take a look

here it is: 13613721


There is no registration for that BSA Member ID. Adult’s initials are GA.

that is correct. so he’s not registered. Interesting…
Thank you

Might be related to the pack’s recharter status, which is still in the grace period.

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