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Missing toggle for edit BSA advancement

I have one scout in my ship that I don’t have the edit Scouts, BSA advancement under the gender. The other scouts in my ship have the toggle in their profile but not her. She is in a troop and working on advancements. Gender doesn’t seem to be the issue. I have checked male and female scouts and they have the toggle just not this one girl.

I see that on one of my SS - but she is over 18 - is your scout over 18?

I found a few like this - I have reported this

David, has this Scout earned First Class rank yet?

yeah that rings a bell @JenniferOlinger

She has not reached First Class yet. But I have another scout girl that is not first class and I can see her toggle and advancement. It is really odd.

do either one have a Scoutbook Membership in a troop?

Both do and are in the same troop. The Troop advancement chair says that she see here in the Troop but now a different scout comes up when they look at her advancement it has her name on the top but then on the name drop down it has someone else listed and she isn’t in the drop down list.

That probably means her Troop or Ship Membership is not approved

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