Missing (well kind of) advancement

I have a scout in my District who has earned the Star rank. If I look up the unit (T 1532) in the Detailed Scouts BSA Advancement Report the unit shows it has no advancements for 2021, the young man earned his star on 9/1/2021. However; if I go into commissioner tools and pull up the unit advancement report from there the young man show he has earned the Star rank. Why the difference between the reports? Did the unit not enter something correctly?
Young man BSA ID is 137522279 he is in T1532, Centennial District, Denver Area Council.


@RichardHall - where are you running the detailed advancement report from ?

@RichardHall it is in there but a little weird - looks like all were entered 12/3 - 12/6/2021

The scout transferred into this unit and I have a feeling that all of his advancement data was manually entered by the new unit.

my.scouting.org Rosster → Reports

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