Mom/Daughter accounts mixed-up

Scout BSA# 14636866 has her own account. Scout is listed as recipient on Send Message screen. Scout could not remember her password, so we used Betty Bot to reset. Betty send the password reset email to (this is the correct email the scout uses). All good so far. When Scout logs in, gets message that someone else has the same email address. When we look at her account (logged in has her), it has her mother’s email, Now I understand why the scout isn’t getting any emails from Scoutbook. I’ve tried contacting our Registrar, but she says it all looks correct to her. I’m hoping someone hear can straighten it all out.

@JillBarr your number appears to be wrong

And signed into Scouts account - they can just go to profile and change the email themself

image hmm… I copied and pasted the BSA #. Pic attached. This weekend was the first time I was able to have the scout bring their laptop (only way for them to get email). and w/o the ability to email them from Scoutbook, I’m going through (drop and run) parent to relay information (including requests to bring their laptop)… lol

OK that is fixed with the email on log in

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