Multiple issues with connections

First, have a scout in my troop with BSA ID 131980943, that has both his real parents listed for him as it should, but it also lists a third adult with BSA ID 13268385 as a parent who most definitely is not. He is a an adult in our troop, but for another scout (see last problem). As a troop admin and key 3, I still don’t have permissions to resolve this.

Second, the above scout’s real dad, BSA ID 12694777, gets emails sent to him at his gmail account from Scoutbook, but can’t log on. When he tries for a password reset, the reset email goes to an account he no longer has any access to so is stuck.

Finally, scout with BSA ID 133690535 has his mom listed twice as a parent, both with the same BSA ID, 12787603. His dad who is also listed ironically is the same dad listed in the first scout I mentioned.


  1. I think this is fixed - system is acting funny
  2. Your council can help reset password
  3. the mother has 2 SB accounts but logs into both - does she want to log in with user name or email?

Thank you. The system always acts funny. And it has gotten worse over the past year in more than one area. Honestly the system is somewhat of a hindrance now in some aspects. Thanks for the idea of calling council. When he tried doing that before whoever he spoke with at council said they couldn’t help him with it and call Scoutbook. As for the last item, thanks. That explains it. I don’t know which one she uses, I guess she’ll just stay showing up twice.

Thanks again for your help.


  1. The mother has 3 BSA member numbers and 2 Scoutbook accounts because her first name is spelled differently. If you can determine which one is correct, we can merge the Scoutbook accounts.

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