Parent forgot security question answers, Scoutbook & my.scouting accounts not linked

There is a parent in one of my troops that forgot her Scoutbook security questions and is unable to recover her Scoutbook account because of this. Since her Scoutbook and my.scouting accounts aren’t linked, our council can’t reset her Scoutbook password for her, and she can’t reset it by going to the bottom right of my.scouting’s login page.

Is there any way for her to recover her Scoutbook account?



Do you have the parent’s BSA member number? (No names, please)

Member Number: 14030257

She has Google sign in turned on, so she needs to click on the “Sign in with Google” button and log in with her Google name and Google password.

Parent forgot username, Betty can’t find her. BSA 13210763. Can you please give us a hint at her account!


Her ID is her yahoo e-mail address

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Tried that and her birthday, but no match. Maybe bad birthday?

@JillBarr Birthday was blank, but I was able to sync it.

Address is blank. Unfortunately, we do not have a way to sync that.

I think you will need to ask the local council to reset the password.

@JillBarr Can a unit Admin try updating the parent’s address in Scoutbook. I could try to sync the address again.

Address updated. Thx!

@JillBarr I was able to sync her address.

Please have her try the Betty chatbot password reset again.

Betty still says “We were unable to find your user given the information you provided.” We entered her BSA # 13210763, her birthdate, and zip code.

@JillBarr A password reset was just sent to her e-mail.

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