Mom has at least two accounts - son not showing

I’m the ASM and admin for GGAC, Alameda Troop 9. The scout’s name is Hunter A, BSA number 137494571. The mom’s name is Laurie R. Her’s son’s account shows that her BSA number is 137494572. When she logs in, she says her number is 14089567 (not sure if that is a BSA number or UserID) but can’t see her son. She doesn’t want to lose any training. Could you please merge the accounts so that her son shows and her training is preserved?

How is she logging in (my.scouting username, email address, Google/Apple sign-in), and to which system (my.scouting, Scoutbook)?

@ChristopherAmaden I did find 2 BSA member numbers for this parent and 2 Scoutbook accounts. I have merged her Scoutbook accounts.

However, I do not see any training for her.

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In organization roster I am not seeing a “select” box in the organization roster member list for youth 137494571. I also get an error when I click on the youth’s name.

There are several youths without “select” boxes in the troop list. Fee payment problems? Troop needs to ask council registration staff.


Contact the council registration staff at the service center in Dublin,

Leader may not be listed because they have not met State of California requirements or council has not completed the required processing.

I am guessing there may also be a data entry error. A GGAC 140xxxxx id I found (for another person’s YPT) is for an employee on registration staff,


There might also be issues related to Alameda Council becoming merged with other councils that effected id numbers and records.

GGAC Committee


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