Parent has two Member #s and IDs

I have a parent who set up an account to sign up for YPT. Now her login has a different member # and user ID than what we have for her on our troop’s scoutbook. When she logs into scoutbook using her login, she doesn’t see her scout. How do I fix this? Thanks!

Post the BSA #s and we can take a look @EileenWang

The one in the profile when she signs in with her login is #13812193. The one in our scoutbook troop profile is #137271526.

@EileenWang this is fixed for you

Thank you for the help!

I have 2 parents and 1 youth with duplicate scoutbook accounts in our Pack. Can you fix these? Thanks!

Youth R.B. -
Delete - BSA #137169959 User ID 11709652
KEEP - BSA# 13367922 User ID 10157492

Adult M.M.-
Delete - BSA# 13648631 ID 11545267
KEEP - BSA# 13581732 ID 11380088

Adult A.V. -
Delete - BSA# 13380568, User ID 1227595
KEEP - BSA# 13093317, User ID 2454755

@GENAEMEERSTEIN the youth is fixed - both adults were fixed in August and September - already?

I have another parent with same issue. Would you mind taking a look? login member # is 13777283.

Member # in our scoutbook troop profile is 137272279.

Thank you!

@EileenWang this is fixed - user can still use Google Login to get in

Will have the parent try logging in again. Thanks for the help!

I have two kids in the same situation. We moved from Far East Council to Alamo Area Council, and the kids’ accounts have been moved before. Our current Council created new accounts for my two older kids despite sharing their previous BSA numbers. Below is the information.

Sean Old BSA # 136344354 (Far East Council)
Sean Current UserID # 10129886 (has all previous advancements)
Sean New BSA # 137359657 (Alamo Area Council, current Council)
Sean New UserID # 11985483 (blank, recommend delete)

Sophia Old BSA # 136344416 (Far East Council)
Sophia Current UserID # 2400698 (has all previous advancements)
Sophia New BSA # 137359658 (Alamo Area Council, current Council)
Sophia New UserID 11985484 (blank, recommend delete)


This is fixed. The reason Member Update did not find the existing Scoutbook account is the Scouts were both registered with their middle name in the old Council but the middle name was excluded in the new Council.

Thank you. I was confused because I provided their previous Council BSA numbers in hopes they could find them. This seems to be a common problem across the BSA. We ran into this transferring Scouts into our unit in Korea. I suspect once the local Council processes my oldest son’s Scout BSA transfer application, we will have the same issue.


Councils are unable to see BSA Member IDs outside of their own Council. In order for Member Update to locate a previous record when a Scout transfers, the name and date of birth on the application in the new council must match what is in the system in the old council.

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