Mom not able to get into her scoutbook acct. Betty and her reset password several times. Still not working

BSA ID is 122205465
Tried resetting password


Your council can reset the password. We cannot.

Note the ID attached to her Scoutbook account is the first 9 characters of her e-mail address.

She has done this multiple times.

@RobertZeller - could you specify what she has done multiple times ? Ed has provided a solution and more information on the account. I do not think this to be a scoutbook bug

It looks like she created a new BSA member number and a new my.scouting username yesterday. The new username has Google sign in turned on.

And creating the new BSA member number created a new Scoutbook account.

@RobertZeller I sent you a private message.

Reset her password. It won’t work.


Did you contact your Council to have the password reset or just try to reset it yourself?

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She has done both. Still not working.

What happened when the council reset it?

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