Mom unbale to reset PW and then link to scout


Mom is not able to log into SB or my.scouting.
Her BSA number is 140470582 (removed by Moderator)
Her son BSA is 140470583 (removed by Moderator)

We tried resetting PW and triggering a message to link to scout. However she receives the link with a long string as an ID.

Pls can you help reset PW with her email (removed by Moderator)

Than you,

@GigiKarschies the mother has Sign in with Google to sign in - so she need to click the sign in with google button

Thank you. Mom was able to log into her scouting and scoutbook account via Google Sign In (not BSA credentials). And then was able to click in Scoutbook the 'Invite your scout" link and added her son’s email address to invite him.
Now the problem is that when he logs into his Scoutbook account, he receives an warning/error message that “there may be someone else using his email address”.

It seems unfortunately Mom may have a created a 2nd account in the interim using her son’s email address.

Pls can you link the following 2 Scoutbook IDs that belong to the same BSA scout:
BSA 140470583

SB 13316432 (This is the one that appears linked to mom and appears in my Troop roster)
SB 13452665 (This is the one that the scouts sees in his profile when logging in with user:

Thank you

@GigiKarschies ok that is fixed - the user name is the last one used - (firstinitial)(lastname)

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