Moved and cannot change my Council and cannot access my sons info

I am able to login and I see my profile and my sons. But I cannot make any changes to my profile or view my sons. I have multiple accounts showing up when I login. I see from earlier posts that you had to merge the accounts. Is this something that someone can assist me with?

Thank you in advance for you help with this.

@JanetteDominski post the BSA numbers or SB User IDs and we can take a look

My two are:

My sons two is:
Possibly a third as well for him but cannot see that one.

Thank you so much for your help with this!

@JanetteDominski what council are you in? I do not see an active registration for your son

He has not been connected for a troop for two years. He met with troop 191 in the NCAC council last night as he wants to fulfill his Eagle Scout Project. So logged in to try and move all his info to this council but was unable to.

well you would need to fill out an application - I put all his BSA #s under his Sign in with Google log in - you have him registered with a last name and a hyphenated last name. His surviving account in SB has the hyphenated name

But I still think you have an account you are logging into I am not seeing

When he gets home from school I can ask him to login to his account. When I login I see two member ID’s one for Jersey Shore Council 341 and one for Del Mar Va 081
which was the last one I was active in. Is there a way to merge these two accounts? I am also trying to transfer to the NCAC Troop 191.

there is no merging numbers - how you have them in management is the way to go

Ok thank you for your help and have a great rest of your day.

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