Please help merge these account

I have an extra account created by a parent that is sitting in our roster. Can you please merge these accounts in Scoutbook?

Main account’s BSA number is 14598906
We need to merge this inactive account 14563670

Also, I have her parent who also needs to be attached to her account and is having trouble. I’m not sure how to walk her through this. Thanks for any help.

@JenniferBuchanan1 I am looking in to this for you.

If you could provide the Scout’s BSA member number and maybe parent’s initials, we should be able to help.

I have a similar problem with an adult scouter who has two BSA member ID’s that I believe need to be merged.

He earned his Eagle Rank with BSA ID 12144340 in Washington State so that has his records from then. Recently he became a committee member for Troop 0118 in the Winnebago Council and brought his training up to date with new BSA ID 140145375.

Please help.

Thank you!

@StanleyHuhman I am looking in to this.

@StanleyHuhman Please ask this user to log in at my.scouting and double check his address.

He should log in with his my.scouting username – not his e-mail address.

I am waiting for a response to your instructions from the user.

@StanleyHuhman It looks like he still has the Washington address set as primary at my.scouting, but otherwise looks good.

Yes, we agree about the Washington address in Scoutbook. The user contacted me to say he got logged in to my.Scouting per your instructions. As we were talking I sent him a new Scoutbook invite since Scoutbook still had his account Pending. He then logged into Scoutbook as well. We noted that he will be using BSA ID 140145375 and as you say he still has the Washington address in Scoutbook.

Just now I checked his address in my.Scouting roster tool and I see both his correct Iowa address as well as the Washington address. The Iowa address has a green checkmark next to it; the Washington address does not, but does have a delete button.

Our Council has advised me previously to always notify them for making user postal address changes because changing it ourselves does not propagate the change to all pertinent places in the system. Can you confirm or repudiate this? I will await further instruction before proceeding further.

Please advise.


If a user changes their address in or Scoutbook (Internet Advancement) it will propagate to national BSA databases. A Council may be using a local database to generate mailing labels which would be a reason to need to be notified of address changes.

Changing PII for users should now write to all places

@StanleyHuhman I see his updated address. He should be good now.

It’s a fairly recent change that all the official databases get propagated with a change.

Parent’s ID is 123891844 Intitals are LM.
She also is parent for this ID: 14567097

@JenniferBuchanan1 I had to use BSA member number 120095854, because that number belongs to your council. The other number belongs to a different council.

She should log in at my.scouting and double check her address.

I would recommend that you contact your local council and ask them to use their Registrar Tools to look up her Scouts. In the “Relationships” section for each Scout, they should make sure that she is listed there under BSA member number 120095854. They should remove her other BSA member number.

We have had a family struggling to join our unit from a different council since January. The dad rechartered through his old unit last December, but for some reason, he can’t seem to get into our local council. His number is 14892288. His wife,BSA #14893541 or #12448886 (not sure why she has 2) after some initial problems was able to get into our unit, but she cannot see her son’s scoutbook account even though, from my end, it seems like she should. Son’s # is 133746782. His movement to our unit was the simplest. Thanks for the help!

@CarrieKnapp well we need a little clearer info - so are the adults trying to register as adults? Are they using

@CarrieKnapp I am working on this.

Yes, the man, 14892288, attempted to transfer using the, but for some unknown reason, he couldn’t transfer. @JenniferOlinger, thank you!

Yes, the man is trying to register as an adult in the troop.