Multiple Accounts, Den Leader Issues


I believe I might have two accounts.

First I have the message on Scoutbook that says “there’s multiple people under this email” and also when I log into Den Leader Scoutbook it says “No Den Added”. My Cubmaster has put me as a Den Leader and sent me and invite via Scoutbook but I think the problem might be that I have multiple accounts still and my training is split on both.

I’m not sure which account is linked to my YPT and Den Leader training either. I think the two trainings are on two different accounts. Can I merge the trainings?

Also, is my daughter supposed to have her own account? Is one of those ID’s below hers? If so, how do I find hers?

How do I fix all of this?

My (two) User ID is * and ID *


You have 3 Scoutbook accounts. I’ll fix this for you.


You have 2 IDs. One uses your e-mail address, the other uses the Google Login button. I need to retire one. I can make either work properly going forward. Which do you prefer to use?

Thank you for looking into this!

Is my daughter supposed to have a separate account?

Will you be able to transfer/consolidate my current trainings (YPT and Den Leader) to one account?

The one that uses my google sign in is fine to keep.


I have merged all of your accounts. I am going to send you a private message with more detailed information. Click on the green circle with white S in the upper right of your forum window to receive it.

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