Multiple User Accounts

Hello! I am a parent, a Den Leader, and a Scout Master. Over the course of the last couple months, I appear to have created one account as a parent/adult, and another account was created for me as a den leader/cub master.

Member ID: 14792560 - Cub Master (local account)
Member ID: 14484849 - Parent (login via Gmail and has all my training completions)
Scoutbook ID: 12632393 - tied to 14484849

Am I able to merge the 14792560 account into the original 14484849 account?

Hopefully I’ve asked my question correctly, as it’s taken my council 7 months to get me this far in giving me the privileges as a den leader and cub master.

I genuinely appreciate any assistance you can provide!

Steve Lambert

@StephenLambert_II I am looking in to this for you.

@StephenLambert_II This should be fixed.

Do you want to keep the username with Google sign in turned on? We can retire the other one.

Thank you, Jennifer. My preference would be to keep the one with Google sign in turned on.

I have retired the other username.

Perfectly executed. Thank you so much! My issue is now resolved.

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