Multiple accounts using same email address/Can’t see new troop/Create New My.Scouting acct?

I’m not sure if these are related but when I log in, I get the message that multiple emails are using the same email address.
On my kids accounts, I see my name linked twice (one is the acct that I see when I log in with T183).
We recently moved and registered with a new council. I can see my kids are associated with those troops but I don’t see my new position with T156 listed under my positions in my profile.
When I called the new council, they said I needed to create a new my.scouting account but that doesn’t seem right. I don’t remember doing that when we previously moved.

@LindaLozano let me take a quick look

@LindaLozano ok I think this is all fixed now - it will take a sync for your SB position to show this evening. Take a look at scouts to make sure their stuff is there - otherwise we can search for it

Thanks for your help! Looks right. We might need help doing this for my husband, but I need to check if he’s having the same issue.

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