Multiple accounts with same email address

An account was created on but it was not able to be found using the search in scout book. Another account was created when trying to link the parent to the scouts account using the same email address as the account created on Parent still is not linked to scout.

SB UID from 13372434

Can’t login with the automatically generated password from the second creation to get the SB UID.


Does she want to retain the ID that is her e-mail address or the portion of the e-mail address before the @? If she only knows one password, I recommend keeping that ID because I do not have the ability to reset passwords, only merge accounts.

she’d like to retain the username with her full email address.

@DawsonBruckman I have fixed things so that she can log in with either username.

Are you sure she wants to keep her e-mail address as her username? She hasn’t logged in with that one.

i’m sorry Jennifer. You’re right that the username that we have a password for does not have the full email address.

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