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Two BSA ID's

I have a parent who is showing in Scoutbook with BSA ID 13987005. It says she is connected (the link symbol is connected). But she sees nothing when she logs in (it shows a dashboard with no Scout and no Pack links).

I asked her to log in to my.scouting and double check the ID and it shows 12836059.

So then I asked her to add the one in Scoutbook so we could set it as primary, and she gets an error that says “member ID Does Not Match the Existing User”.

Can anyone assist? To recap:
BSA ID with Central GA Council is 13987005, currently linked in Scoutbook but she doesn’t see her Scout.
Old BSA ID is 12836059 (not sure which Council) and my.scouting won’t let her add the new one.

@Yddeyma this is cleaned up now

Wow, thank you so much!