Multiple Connections Issues - Bug in "add connection"

We have a new scout family:

Mom is (name removed by Moderator) / BSA ID #14559500 / SB 12691440 / my.scouting username (username removed by Moderator), email is (e-mail removed by Moderator)

Dad is (name removed by Moderator) – BSA ID #14255631 – DOB is (DOB removed by Moderator) and he completed YPT this past year, which expires 06/28/2024

These parents have 2 scouts:

(name removed by Moderator) – BSA ID 14257236 – SB ID 12454700


(name removed by Moderator) - BSA Member ID 14540813 – SB ID 12664208

The issues we are having are:

  1. There doesn’t seem to be a way to add Dad (name removed by Moderator) using the “add connection” tool to Scout 2’s account (he is on Scout 1’s account) – only ONE (name removed by Moderator) shows up when we search – and it’s the wrong (name removed by Moderator) from another council (common name?!) … we also can’t seem to find the correct dad via BSA ID or any other mechanism… we need to add the correct dad as the adult/full control connection to Scout 2’s account.

  2. Likewise - there also doesn’t seem to be a way to add the CORRECT Mom (name removed by Moderator) to Scout 1’s account - there is already an INCORRECT (name removed by Moderator) on this account- from another council – and we cannot remove her … we also can’t seem to add the correct (name removed by Moderator) for the same reason as “dad” – the first and only record that shows up on the “add connection” tool is incorrect – and the search seems to just stop at whomever it finds first and not give us an option to choose the ‘correct’ connection… the only option is the ‘other’ (name removed by Moderator) (again - a common name) – who is not this scout’s mom.

So the measure of success here is that we have both boys, Scout 1 and Scout 2 – connected to both of their ACTUAL parents – (names removed by Moderator) – also I believe based on what I’m seeing that there may be multiple ‘dad’ records – so if you can delete/merge – that would also be great… so long as we retain his YPT training on the correct records that are attached to the boys.

Thanks for your assistance.


@MichaelSteadman Please do not post names or other personal information (dates of birth, e-mail addresses, etc.) BSA member numbers are usually all we need (although if a Scout has the same name as a parent, then this is good information to know). If we need more information, we can work with you through a private message.

I think your issues are mostly fixed.

Go to each Scout’s Connection page in Scoutbook, click on the parent’s name, and update the connection type to “Parent / Guardian”.

The Parent Search is broken right now.

thank you apologies for personal information. I’ve become frustrated about this issue because it’s been going on for so long and I just can’t invest any more time as a volunteer on it we have hours and hours going back and forth with the council at this point. I appreciate your help I will look into it later today

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