Personal Training Records Missing


I am working on completing my ACM training and run into a problem. I have completed YPT and some other courses, when logging on today, all of my records are missing and a message to complete YPT is the first thing on the list.

Is there a email or person to contact to try and figure this out?

Thanks for help in advance

I would check to make sure your BSA ID matches what you’re expecting. It sounds like you somehow ended up with a duplicate account.

If you post your BSA ID, the SUAC folks might be able to locate duplicate if you can’t find it.

Yes, it looks like I have 2 ID’s
Current one on my YPT id is 14055550
Training missing under 13932182

Thanks for the heads up Charley

Got myself to log in on the other account, still no training records.


You have 2 IDs, 2 Scoutbook accounts and 2 BSA Member IDs (MID)

Your training is on the ID that is the portion of your e-mail address before the @. This account is attached to your registered MID. I will merge your Scoutbook accounts. You should contact your Council registrar and ask them to merge your MIDs so you only have 1.

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I see the training below on your account with MID 14055550. This is the only ID you should be using. Your Scoutbook accounts have been mreged.

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