Multiple issues with new Scout Scoutbook accounts

Not sure if this is a process or a software thing, but it is driving me crazy. I used to create Scoutbook accounts for my Scouts. Now it’s “pushed” from somewhere else after we submit the registration paperwork. But:

  • They are consistently creating duplicate accounts, especially when a younger sibling joins–both parents get new, duplicate accounts
  • The accounts that are being created have some fake email address, instead of the one provided on the registration paperwork. Since you don’t see that until you drill down into each account individually, we didn’t realize that none of our new parents were actually receiving emails.
  • New Scout accounts are being created, but they are not linked to any of the Pack leadership. Given the previous problem with fake email addresses, I have no confidence that the parent or Scout even know the account was created.

I guess my question is: Is this a coding thing or a process issue with my Council? Our Council has also eliminated the registrar position in the middle of the most messed up Rechartering cycle in history, so I’m basically standing on a mountaintop begging for help.

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When you add a new Scout, you must make sure the first name, last name and DOB match what is on the application. This will allow Member Update to find the Scout when the Scout is added to your official roster by the registrar.

The developers are working on fixing issues with importing parents creating duplicate accounts.

New Scouts should be connected with Full Control to the unit admins. The admins must connect the Scouts to the rest of the leadership.

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And if new Scouts are not connected to unit Admins with Full Control, a unit Admin can reset their connection by doing this:

  1. Go to the Pack Roster page in Scoutbook.
  2. Click on the name of a Pack Admin (or Troop Admin / Crew Admin / Ship Admin)
  3. Click on the Pack Admin position.
  4. Update.

This should reset the Pack Admin’s connection to all Scouts in the pack (or troop / crew / ship).

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Last night a new scout was pushed from, none of the admins have a connection to him. I tried the above fix of updating my account to no avail, still not connected. The only connection the scout has is his parent. Are there any other ways to fix this?

Jim J

Went back and tried a 3rd time, it worked. Problem solved.

Give it 24 hours. There are multiple processing steps.

You can also try logging off and logging back on.

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