Scoutbook Account Problems

We are experiencing a cluster of issues with Scoutbook for existing and new scouts and parents. The local council was contacted, but the issues have not been fixed or only worsened. I am listing in order of priority.

1. Duplicate Youth Account
Somehow a parent created a duplicate account for their son in Scoutbook. The deletion of the duplicate accounts are restoration of the youth account has resulted in an incomplete record for the scout. The issue has been ongoing for 2 months.

The existing youth account (C Bernstein; #128021415) had the correct information and may have shared an email address with parent. The new youth account was setup by the parent I think using the same email and the parent’s BSA ID (J Bernstein; #128021416). The local council (Cape Fear #425) merged the accounts, but used the new account as the primary source so the scout’s logs, requirements, merit badges, notes, pictures, etc. in Scoutbook were NOT restored. The issue was escalated to the District Executive and BSA Member Services. The youth account was restored, but still lacks the aforementioned details about the scout the troop entered since 2017.

2. New Adult Leader/Existing Parent
Existing parent and new adult leader, J Morris (134644335), cannot access Scoutbook for Troop 200. Son was a crossover from Pack 200. Account for youth and wife are working. I sent him single-sign on troubleshooting guides and password reset, but the issue was not fixed. Adult is a registered adult.

3. Existing Adult Leader
S Wagner (134067727) was in Pack 200 as cubmaster as a registered adult. Son crossed over to Troop 200 in March 2021. Now, S Wagner cannot access son’s account (T Wagner; 134067726).

Please advise on the following issues.


Jared Kerr
T200 Scoutmaster

For reference: item #1 is Scoutbook Support Incident SSD-109406 according to the local council district executive.

#1 - I see logs going back to 9/9/2017 on that account - might take time to sync to see it not sure - so a matter of peace for you at least

#2 - I think I would help him go to and CREATE an account - using the same data it will match him up and give him a log in

#3 - is fixed

Thank you for the quick response.
#1. Is it ok to update records for this scout? He has updates for Life Rank requirements and service logs as he is ready for a Life rank Scoutmaster Conference. We were told not to access the account until we got the “all clear”.

#2. I will inform the parent.

#3. Great!

  • Jared

#1 looks fine and functioning - especially ranks - logs might be different

#2 - I would sit with them to do it

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By the way, on issue #1, I was update the scout’s records. I noticed the following note in a lot of the “optional notes” for positions and membership.

“DateEnded by SP usp_SyncSetActivationStatus user is Adult”

I am guessing the 2 accounts or the merge made the scout temporarily change to an adult account. I hope the merit badges and other details are restored. I assume the scout’s account is in fact a youth account again.

  • Jared

the merit badges are still in AKELA so that is good - we will see

@JaredKerr I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green dot with a number 1 > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

Got it. Thank you.

  • Jared

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