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So as I am studying it in more detail, I see he was originally set up in Feb, that ran till August when SB took him off, then SB put him back on thru Dec 21, then SB took him back off and then SB put him back on thru current.

But when I try to add advancment it says him and his patrolmate need to be set up for advancement sync, which must have been done during one of the other periods and I don’t know how to do it now

Was an application ever turned into your council? Does the scout appear on your my.scouting member manager roster?

Yes they do show up on the SB roster, but when we rechartered they asked for another app, even though I have turned in 2 already

I asked if they show up in your member manager roster in my.scouting. That is different than your scoutbook roster.

No they do not, it still shows the previous participating adults and youth. Which may solve the problem, and I know you could say I am old school, but all of this was so much easier using Troopmaster. I know it didn’t coordinate with National, but then I used Internet advancment to update activities, awards and adnvancment.

It sounds like they aren’t actually registered yet, possibly because your recharter hasn’t been processed.

In the only way of doing it, you weren’t able to record advancement in the official system for scout’s who weren’t registered either.

That’s true I will check on the status of the charter, we did turn it in late this year due to covid issues

Can I keep firing things at you or are you on family time?

Fire away. I’m sure someone will respond.

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I have some “helpfull” scout parents that entered service hours for their sons. But they didn’t enter them properly and tried multiple times to enter them. I have entered the proper info now, but I would like to go back and remove the “wrong” ones. I can figure out how to edit a service log, but not how to delete them. Any suggestions?

You’re supposed to be able to delete them. Are these activities that were entered in Scoutbook before the logs moved to IA?

Recommend you review the linked discussion below that describes steps to remove activity log entries. This would only work for entries submitted after May 2020 when log entries move from SB to IA2 - which may still include activities earlier than May 2020. Entries before the change are not yet editable.

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As I am not that familiar with Scoutbook I don’t understand what you are rereferring to

In June 2020, the “old” activity logs were migrated from the scoutbook.com (now scoutbook.scouting.org) platform to the IA2 platform (now advancements.scouting.org). Activities entered in those logs were “locked” when they were transferred over, for reasons that aren’t clear, at least to me. As a result, activities which were in the logs prior to the date of transfer can not presently be edited or deleted. That is what @jacobfetzer is referring to. However, if the activities were entered after the transfer in the “new” system, even if the dates are “older” than the transfer (e.g. added to the logs in December 2020 for an event that occurred in January 2020), leaders with the proper permissions (Unit Key 3 and Key 3 delegates, I believe) should be able to delete (and I thought edit) those events. You might not be able to do so if the event was “Approved” in IA2. I can’t recall if there is a work-around (e.g. removing approval) or not.

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So Charlie give me some advice. When I am ready to work with scoutbook, I am currently putting in Scoutbook.com. This is allowing me to go in and update the older scouts records, though I find it very cumbersome compared to what I was used to. And I will admit I have a hard time with change when something previous seemed to work just fine. Anyhow is what you were saying the direction I need to go? Should I be using scoutbook.scouting.org and using advancements.scouting,org for advancements?

Nevermind, when I use the scoutbook.scouting.org it takes me to the same place I am currently using and the advancement org takes me to internet advancment which I am getting to thru scoutbook.

So I will keep trying to figure out how to delete the events, thanks

In terms of advancement, you only need to use Scoutbook (which as you noticed moved from scoutbook.com to scoutbook.scouting.org) or IA2 (advancements.scouting.org), not both. The link to the logs from Scoutbook actually redirects to their new location in IA2 (advancements.scouting.org), so the activity logs (hiking, service, camping) are all exclusively housed there.

There is some guidance on working with the new IA2 log system at help.scoutbook.scouting.org. For example:

There is (I think) a way to view the archived state for the logs from scoutbook.scouting.org, although I can’t recall exactly where that’s located right now. That portal is view-only, however, and has no editing capability at all.

Unit Admins can Export / Backup the Legacy Camping, Hiking, Long Cruise (for Sea Scouts), and Service Logs, but they are view only and cannot be edited.

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