Ask a question and get information on how to use Scoutbook

Ask a question and get information on how to use Scoutbook two questions.

First I have a Scout who was in Scoutbook, still shows up on events he was invited to, but has now disappeared completely. He is still in the Roster on They have missed several activities and are verging on leaving.

Second question is how do I add a topic, the Add Topic in the forums button does not work


Hi I need help with my troop’s scout book roster. We have a scout that has two accounts–1 that was created and is maintained by his troop and another that was created by his mother. I have consolidated the information into the account made by the troop. Now I would like to delete the redundant account in order to avoid issues with advancement and communication. However when I go in to delete the second account, a prompt tells me that since that account has been synced (both accounts are synced) I cannot simply delete it as advancement chair, I need to contact member care. Now what do I do?

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Shana, do they have different BSA member numbers on them?

I just looked. The second account does not have a BSA # so how did the mother sync it?

if the second account does not have a BSA # and the first one has the correct number - you need to put an end date on the membership of the second one, and the mother probably should end her connection to that second account also

Is my Troop Forum under the new Forum private and available only to my troop? I see a little padlock icon next to it. However, I can access it without even logging into Scoutbook.

Unit forums have a pad lock because they are Private and only visible to its members

The forums and Scoutbook are now 2 different systems so you do not have to be logged into one to be in the other.

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I have a Webelos scout who had 2 accounts after Council finally added him. (It took 2 months). I was able to delete the temporary account I had been using to advance him and added them to his account with his BSA number but last night I tried to finish off an elective and it wouldn’t let me. There is no BSA number on the account now. I did check and verified that he is on our roster and tried to update his profile with the BSA number and got
BSA Member #: The BSA Member Number already exists under another user account in Scoutbook. Please check the number or try to remove the number from the other account first.
I also did a pack report and his advancements show but his BSA ID is blank.
Any advice would help.

Check my dashboard > administration > my account > my connections to see if the other account is still there.

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Thanks for the quick response.
I checked “my connections” as suggested and the only profile there is the one where I had moved his advancements that now doesn’t have a BSA ID number.
Any suggestions on what to do now?

@jacobfetzer That was the best response, it worked perfectly for me. I have been trying to figure this out for a month and no one has been able to help me figure out where my one den member disappeared to. Now I can finally advance him!

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Regina, send an email to Include the scout’s bsa member number. Ask them to move the scout back to your unit and merge the other version of the scout into that one.

I’m wondering if there is a way to add council events to our Pack’s Scoutbook calendar. We have a “Pack Calendar”, but I’m wondering if there is a way to pull in council events from a feed somewhere? Or will I have to manually add each event to the Pack Calendar?

@NicoleTankovich would have to be manual for now

I’m the new cubmaster for our pack, and neither I nor our committee chair can access any of the scouts’ information on Scoutbook. We cannot even access our own child’s information. What do we need to do to correct this so we can actually begin using Scoutbook? This program has been such a disaster for our pack, we decided to maintain our Scouttrack account.

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I have a scout with two accounts that needs to be merged. I opened a ticket back in January, which was then closed and subsequently reopened. But I’m not able to get any response on the ticket when I respond to it.

The ticket is “Scoutbook Support Incident SSD-47634”.

How can I get this resolved? This has been going on for far too long at this point and would like to get this cleaned up before year end.

For Cub Scouts. When the scouts move on to the next level, say the Bears Den becomes the Webelos Den. Do the scouts need to be moved into the Existing Webelos Den Group or does the current Bears Den Group need to be changed to a Webelos Den Group or does Scoutbook have a timer that knows about the time of the end of the school year a automatically changes the Bears Group to a Webelos Group. I ask this because I want to update nexts years Webelos Den Calendar however they are still Bears. I’m guessing I just need to click the advance den button, for the group to update to the next level.

Most users use Advance Den under Edit Den too advance the den. Just enter events under their current den calendar - then when you Advance the den later the events stay with the den

Thank You! This is exactly what I was looking for.

HI, maybe was discussed on others but did not find it by searching. How can I update a MB start date so it properly reflects on the advancement report. By mistake entered wrong start and update later all dates on the MB but advancement report still shows the wrong one. Any way to fix it?