Multiple Parent Duplicate Account Merge

14014828 and 137411040

Member ID 133911658 (Connected) Member ID 134838122 (not connected)

Member ID 10041779 (Not connected) Member ID 14084022 (connected)

This is a unique one: Parent has two sons and two different parent member ids
Son 1-136480017

Moms Member ID 136480018

Son 2- 136480054

Moms Member ID 136480055





Thanks so much for your help!

This one is troublesome - there is a gmail and a hotmail - which does mother prefer?

@KristinaCook all others are fixed except the one mentioned above

the hotmail one. Thank you so much!

I used to be a Beaver too! N2-386-20

ok this is done @KristinaCook

I have another one for you, as time permits-One parent, two scouts, two different member ids

Thank you again for your quick resolution

@KristinaCook fixed too


I also have two sons and two member ID accounts. Can my accounts be merged?


134230810 (has email as changemyemail at there is no option for me to change the email when I go into profile
136480018 (has correct email at hotmail)
This parent has multiple scouts

BSA Member id 13379987
User ID 10045892 (no member id on this account)

Correct email is the gmail account

@AdrienneBrown this is fixed - you need to use your username and password to sign in

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@KristinaCook your issues are fixed

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Thanks! It’s fixed now.

I have a Parent logging into Scoutbook to provide an invite for her son to access Scoutbook directly. When Molly logs in her profile says her BSA # is: 13210913, and she cannot see her son to send a invite.
When I log into connection Manager it says she is connected to her son as a parent/guardian, but BSA # 129787818. Her son Duncan’s BSA # is 128381262. Can someone help me resolve so these are setup with the proper linkage and access?

@RyanLaMirand that is fixed

Duplicate Parent Account. Please assist. Thank you!

@KristinaCook this is fixed

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