Multiple positions in pack and troop

Hello I serve at CC and COR with Pack 3180 and as Scoutmaster with Troop 102. Internet recharter will not pull up 3180 when I try to select 3180 as the multiple. Its not even listed in the the drop down list. I am paying my recharter with Troop 102 but the recharter system for 3180 has me listed twice once as CC and other as COR and I cant seem to change the amount owed to 0 even though I select as a multiple.

For what it is worth, I saw this bug on one day, and then the unit was listed the next day.

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Ok, Ill keep checking, I think the biggest hurdle is getting Pack 3180 to show up in the drop down and I can navigate from there.

@JasonMeis hold down Shift and Refresh the page

I had this happen just after re-charter opened with a Troop. As District Commissioner, I did reach out to our registar, but it magically resolved itself overnight.

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Tried this Pack 3180 still does not appear in the drop down