Multiple SB accounts

Hello- first time poster…

I am new to Cub Scout leadership.

I am trying to understand why I can’t see leadership view when I look at scoutbook. Pack leader has signed me up and I see when he logs in.

However he has my sb number as 10695042, and the one I use is 12789635(this is the one linked to my bsa number which has my trainings).

Can you link these two please? My preferred is 12789635

@DF00000 I am working on this.

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This should be fixed.

Your training is linked to your BSA member ID number - not your Scoutbook userID.

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This is fixed @DF00000

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@DF00000 You should log in with your my.scouting username – not your e-mail address.

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wow thank you to all of you!

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