Scoutbook - Record Could Not be Located, duplicate membership #'s

  1. We have a parent who is unable to log back into Scoutbook. On Scoutbook the father is listed as a connected adult with the correct email address. He used the bot to reset his password and he receives a note that reads “record can not be located” I checked and he has a userId but no BSA member #.

  2. We have a parent who can not see her son who is in our Troop but can see her son who is in CubScouts. It looks like she has two membership #'s.

Steven Lobasso

Post the MIDs or the Scoutbook UserID for those effected and we can see - both can be found under Edit Profile

User ID for issue #1: 11699351
User ID for issue #2 11699392

#1 the BOT will not work for him as he has no MID - he signed in 2/20/21??? - if he wants an MID he needs to go to and on the LEFT side use Create a Account - this gives a login and an MID then we can add MID to SB Account - I can reset this password now for Scoutbook if needed

#2 is fixed

for #1 - please reset password and what will he need to do?
for #2 - thank you

OK it is reset to " Training1" - I THINK he will get a screen about setting up SSO - he might have to make an account then (Free - just a user account.)

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