Must my "my.scouting" and "scoutbook" user and password login be the same?

After moving from one council to another, I ended up with one member ID associated with my “my.scouting” login and another with my “scoutbook” login. Both logins used the same user and password. It caused trouble. I deleted the “my.scouting” login and was then able to operate in scoutbook.
Weeks later, I attempted to re-create my “my.scouting” login. My “scoutbook” login could not be used, “my.scouting” said it was taken - pick another. I did. I now have different troubles (logging into this forum when both logins are active, for example – error -21)

So here’s my question: Should my “my.scouting” and my “scoutbook” login be the same?

Well - not to get to tech - but the username is tied to a BSA# - whatever BSA# is Primary is the user that you log into Scoutbook or as - if you have multiple you can use to Manage Member ID - and then change which one is primary and therefor change the user you log in as

Thank you Donovan. I went to “my.scouting”, Menu, Manage Member ID and found that I have only one member ID, it’s the correct member ID for the council I’m in now and the radio button shows it selected as primary. Some months ago, I deleted the other member ID that was used when I held leader positions in another council many years ago.

I’ve found that when many things don’t work, the common problem might be found by looking at one thing that doesn’t work. So here’s one problem that I can explain fully:

Using the latest version of Google Chrome for a windows 10 PC, clearing the internet cache, history and cookies with CCleaner before the session, using incognito mode, I can navigate to “”, and log in using the particular user ID I have just for my.scouting.
I navigate to Menu, BSA Web Links, Internet Advancement 2.0, (skip the welcome window), select Forum (the link takes me to ", Select Log In
And my login to the forum is successful. That’s how I’m using it now.

After logging out, clearing the cache, history and cookies, I open Google Chrome, go incognito, and navigate to " I log in with my DIFFERENT user and select “Forums”. This takes me to “” I select Log In. Now I get system error(-21). displayed on my browser window and nothing else.

So that’s why I asked my question: must my “my.scouting” and “scoutbook” user ID’s be the same? I tried to make them the same when I had to re-create my “my.scouting” login, but the system said I could not, the user ID I wanted was already taken.

Yes, your my.scouting username and password should be the same one that you use at Scoutbook, because the BSA uses single sign on (SSO).

You appear to have 2 my.scouting usernames that are both associated with 1 Scoutbook account. Things usually work best if you only have 1.

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