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My member # cannot be found in order to be assigned a position

I was hoping there would be a “customer service” of sorts to contact about this, but unfortunately I can’t. We have a member of our pack who has Admin rights and when they do a search for my name and/or BSA member ID they cannot find me in order to assign me a leadership role. What would the first step be in order to resolve this?

@CharlesNoeson I think I’m mentioning the right person to co-monitor this thread

When we’ve had issues like this, it generally meant that the council hadn’t yet processed the adult leader’s application.

Does the adult in question already appear on the unit’s official roster at my.scouting.org? Until that happens, they can’t be added to the list of leaders in Scoutbook. If everything works correctly, they should appear in Scoutbook automatically within a day or two after they appear in the official roster at my.scouting.org.

One of your Unit Key 3 (CM, CC, COR) or any Key 3 Delegate can check the official roster to see whether or not the adult appears, and if the relevant information is correct/matching what’s being tried to connect in Scoutbook.

ETA: The Roster interface can be found under the unit number in the left side drop-down menu. If you select the individual’s name, you can see the relevant contact information, BSA ID, etc to cross-check with what’s being used to search in Scoutbook.

@JasonKenyon The first step would be for you to register as an adult leader. Talk to your pack’s membership chair about how to do this, but basically it means filling out a BSA adult application (can be done online in some units / councils), have current Youth Protection Training (YPT), agree to a criminal background check (CBC), and pay the adult membership fee.

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I completed all of this a year or more ago. Our admin @CharlesNoeson will have to verify the things that @CharleyHamilton mentioned

@JasonKenyon When I search based on your name, I see no adult leader registrations for you.

To be clear, a Scoutbook Unit Admin does not have access (by default) to the information I noted, unless things have changed. They need to be designated separately by one of the Unit Key 3 with either the Key 3 Delegate or (I think) the Membership Inquiry functional roles using the Position Manager (available in the left side drop-down menu under your unit number and the Organization Manager menu item.

@JasonKenyon - the adult registration expires unless the adult is continued via the recharter process.


I searched based on a unique identifier in your discourse (forum) account. The BSA Member ID attached to this discourse account is not registered. I do see you completed Youth Protection Training on 2/1/21. You will need to contact your Council to determine why your application was never processed.

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Thank you @edavignon . I’m reaching out to parties involved to check if I need to re-register

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