My profile is showing other units that I’m not registered with and I can’t remove myself

After I was approved as a MB counselor, two new units that I’m not registered with started to show up on my profile. I can’t remove myself from those units and I don’t show as having an active role in them either.

@EdwardZee Dirst you need to talk to council to get rid of the Unit Participant Registration - that is wrong. I would also go to My Connections and click the Clean/Clear Old Connections to see if that helps

I have asked district and they told me to remove myself from any roles associated with those units. As you can see, I have no roles associated with those units listed. I already tried removing old connections to no avail.

@EdwardZee when you are logged in do you see youself as SB User 2072925

Also Try Log Out > then hold Down SHIFT and Refresh page at same time. This could be a cache issue, cause I do not see those units either.

Yes, that is indeed my SB #.

I bet it is connections - click on the unit (like pack 12) go to roster and see the scouts you are connected to

Looks like clean connections got rid of pack 12, but crew 100 still shows.

like I said click Crew 100 and go to rooster to see if you are connected to a scout

No connections here.

look at the URL for Crew 100 - what is the UnitID?

It is D Loo - he is in both

so since you are connected to the Scout you see both the units

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Ah interesting. So is this actually correct then? I can’t see D Loo on that crew page.

go to the membership page of scout

And his registration is a little funny - he is over 18 - so is unit participant in Crew but registered as plan youth in Troop - he should be a UP there as well if he has time extension

Looks like that was it. I suppose then there’s nothing more to do on this issue?

My last concern was being listed as a scout not in a patrol on 358B (screenshot in original post). I noticed there’s another adult leader on that list too that joined at the same time (E. Lee).

Show as youth is fixed for both of you - registrars are making tons of adults UPs (Over age Scouts) which makes no sense - not sure what is going on

Ok I’ll check with our committee chair on that. I think they’re planning to register D. Loo as ASM soon, so he will need to be moved to UP at that time I suppose.