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My scoutbook is empty now

My troop doesn’t use scoutbook but my old pack does and I am still listed as a leader there as well as being a Nova counselor, Supernova Mentor and a merit badge counselor.

Now I have no positions and All my data other than my city and zip code.

What gives?

did you change councils? You might have gotten a new BSA # which can be confusing - I will send you a direct message and we can take a look at it - look at avatar at top right of page to find it

no, still in the same unit I have been with since March of 2019 and 5 units I am unit commissioner of.

go to your SB account and try using Switch SSO

SSO? my brain is not working to remember what the acronym stands for

ahhh Single Sign On…

Single Sign one - go to your Scoutbook Profile page click “Switch SSO Profile”

No change to what I am seeing.

if you respond to the Direct message I can get you more information - see it as green bubble in Avatar at to Right of Page - for you a Yellow Circle with “J”

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