My Scouting Error Message

I have been trying to check the application and invitation sections of both the Troop and Pack Level. I keep getting this message… You do not have access to this trail…
Can I get some help please. I am a Cubmaster for the Pack and I am key 3 delegate for both Pack and Troop.

Thank you,
Faith Thomas
Pack 12 Cubmaster
Troop 12 Secretary


I don’t know why you can’t see the troop data, you are listed as a Key 3 Delegate.

For the pack, you are both a Cubmaster and Key 3 Delegate. This could be confusing the system. Because you are Cubmaster, you are Key 3 so do not need the Key 3 Delegate role.

That what I was told today. How can we fix this.

It did start this week saying that I dont have access API what ever that means.

Log in at my.scouting and use the Position Manager for the pack to remove your Functional Role as Key 3 Delegate by clicking on the “–” (minus) symbol and expiring the role.

I don’t see position manager. Where is that?

My access is so messed up

After you log in at my.scouting, click on the Menu button, then:click on your Pack #, then Roster.

Look for “Position Manager” on the left side, and then click on the Functional Roles tab.

As a Cubmaster, you should not need the functional roles for yourself, because Cubmaster is already a member of the pack Key 3.

I do not have position manager available for me to edit my position.
It used to be there but no longer.

Can so.eone do zoom with me and I can show you what I am looking at. I really need my access

My access is so messed up. It will not let me view any now for troop or pack side. It tells me that I don’t have access

Try clearing your browser cache and cookies. Then log in at my.scouting.

I have cleared all of it and it is telling me I do not have access

It starts to go into the application manager from me for the pack side and true but then it immediately goes to the error message there’s something going on with the system or my access I don’t know I have cleared out every catchy and cookies in the in my computer system and I don’t know what else to do

Okay so in my phone I was able to get into my going to the pack roster and go to the function for position management and I took out the key 3 for myself but for some reason on my computer it’s still not giving me access like I want to so I’m going to let it sit overnight hopefully things will change tomorrow that I’ll be able to have full access again but it still gives me this error message when I click on pack application manager that I don’t have access to API I have no

try using a Private or Incognito window - it is some security setting on your browser probably

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