can't see second unit

I am the CC for our local Cub Scout pack and the ASM for our Scout troop.
I am working on rechartering for the pack, but I am unable to see any of the reports for the pack (YPT and Trained) on
When I go to the hamburger menu, it shows the “Organization” pull-down, but only lists the scout troop. Is there some other magic to getting back to the pack?

In My Profile (also on MyScouting), I also only see my position with the troop - not the pack (not sure if this is normal).

On ScoutBook I see both positions as well as Pack Admin.

As a test, I tried turning off “Default Position” for the ASM position on SB (CC was still set as default), logged out of, cleared the cache, and logged back in.

Am I doing it wrong? Anyone have any ideas why I can’t get to the pack reports?

Thank you!


Desktop, MacOS 14, Safari 17, cache cleared, restarted, etc.
BSA Member ID: 134887083


You need to contact your Council. Your position as Committee Chair ended on 4/30/23 and there is no Committee Chair listed on the pack’s official roster.

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Thank you for taking a look and providing feedback!

It sounds like maybe you can see more on the account than I can. What I see in SB is that the pack committee chair position started on September 7, 2023 and has no end date.
In the roster, I see this:

Could this be because I have 2 MIDs?
Looking at some other cases, they suggested it was because the wrong MID was attached to the position.
If that’s the case, I should just be able to have our council and/or CM switch to the real MID.

I could switch over to my other MID as primary, but I have the feeling that would just make the problem worse in the long run.


The :warning: says your position is not registered.

There is only one MID in use in your Council. The other is from when you were a Lion parent and is not registered in any other position.

I have searched your D Smith with your DOB nationally. I have searched for your e-mail address nationally. Because you have a common name, I can’t just search on your name.

As I said earlier, there is no Committee Chair on your official pack roster. You need to contact your Council office for assistance.


It kind of looks like your application to the troop was processed as a transfer, when it should have been processed as a multiple (multiple registration in more than one unit).

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Thank you @edavignon and @JenniferOlinger - I’ll get in touch with someone at NCAC and see if they can straighten me out.
I really appreciate all of the pointers!