My scouting positions keep replicating

my scouting positions seem to be replicating. every time i try to correct the error another duplicate shows up. there should only be den leader and admin for both boys and girls as current positions. all of the duplicates have “AkelaSBDeltaSyncInsert” in the comments

What are you doing to correct it?

Adding an ending date for the duplicates so it will move to past positions

What’s your bsa member number?

My BSA number is 137304836.

So, your den names are “(girls)” and “(boys)”? I didn’t pick up on that before.

I’m confused as to which are the new and the old ones. Scoutbook doesn’t automatically assign people to dens.

There is only one boys wolf den and one girls wolf den in our pack. The check marks are the ones I should have all others keep getting added

I have a den leader assignment for our pack in my past positions as well and if I try to change it another copy of the den leader position shows up in my current positions. The end date is always yesterday so tomorrow it will say the third without me doing anything

I’m not seeing anything obvious in your account that would cause this. I’ve asked the developers to look into it.

The good news is that it’s not an hour per week per position:slight_smile:

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