Online transfer error - Parent/Guardian is missing DateofBirth

Cubmasters in two different Packs in my District each received the following error message while trying to transfer a youth online from their Pack to a Troop:
Parent/Guardian is missing DateofBirth. Please contact your local council.

Does anyone know the root cause of that error and how to correct it?

it has been reported - I have not heard of solution yet - even councils adding DOB to parent does not fix it

Our local council registrar noted that there were two records for the father of one of the youth members who we are trying to transfer online. There was no birth date on either record. It was not listed on the original youth application. The registrar merged the records and now has him listed as the parent. The cubmaster then tried the online transfer again that day and three days later, but received the same error message.

I had this issue with a scout. It took some looking by my registrar as the scout actually had multiple parents in scoutnet without a DOB, but that was the issue once she added it for all of them.