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My.Scouting Training Manager dashboard incorrect for District Key 3/Delegate

Hi All,

A little over a week ago I logged into the Training Manager and noticed my dashboard had taken about a 9% hit on trained leaders overnight. I pulled a complete csv listing and reconciled it myself to figure out that there was apparently an error in the way the calculation is being performed when viewed by district staff (I’m the district training chairman and a Key 3 Delegate). I dug a little further and noticed I am also unable to load the Staff view for the district. The left pane shows a “loading error!” (see upload), I lose navigation in that module and it displays 0% trained for district staff. I think this may be causing the incorrect district training percentages I’m seeing. YPT completion is unaffected in the view, and I can pull up the “Search Training” view to see individual leader status for training. Can someone please look at this? I suspect that this is a view that is seldom accessed by district staff, and the view of a Unit Key 3 would be unaffected, but it’s been causing me a bit of grief.


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Today (2019-07-02) training manager tool loads at district-level:

clicking on Staff returns:pie charts that are between 0% and 100% on right and no unit navigation on left:

have not checked actual calculations, but pie charts appear to be displaying correctly.

Clicking YP aging “no” pie slice returns: “Authenticationfailed (3).” (Dashboard is displaying session is about end.)

Technical problem (bug) report filed with BSA service desk:

BSA Member Care response

July 2, 2019

Please use the latest version of Chrome. Edge is not compatible, even though, there are times when you can work in the browser. I have used the back door and with your Member ID I can generate the report without issues.

Hi Bill, I also created HD-143425 on May 29th. It has gotten no attention other than an initial response. Coincidentally, I ran my numbers yesterday manually from the training report and compared to the dashboard. The total percentages are almost 10% off from what they should be on Training. YPT is accurate.