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My.scouting Training Manager

My.Scouting shows your training in relation to one position in a unit. If someone holds multiple “hats” in a unit, then the completed training codes must be checked manually to determine the trained status for any extra “hat”.

For example, an Assistant Den Leader decides to serve on the Pack Committee. Their registration would be Assistant Den Leader. My.Scouting would show whether they are trained as an Assistant Den Leader. But what about being trained in their additional position? You have to manually compare their completions to the required modules or in-person training to determine their trained status.

In Scoutbook, a person can be assigned all the positions they are doing. As training is completed, the Scoutbook record can be manually updated.

When the training records are removed from Scoutbook, will My.Scouting be modified to allow for easy checking of training for multiple positions?


A quick note on multiple positions - officially a Scouter may only hold one position in a unit. I realize that many of us help in different roles but for JTE and such you can only register once per unit. That is why My.Scouting will only show a single role for training purposes.

Sorry, but it’s 2019. We should not be logging into multiple websites, etc. I don’t know or care what a flat file is (sorry, if that sounds rough), but I know it was nice to look at ONLY Scout Book & see everything. It’s doable. Everything including actually taking training should 100% be done on one proprietary application.

Just my 2 cents.


Adam - I am actually surprised that you had not noticed the link to training at the home screen for scoutbook. There is also a link to there as well. Ideally all resources should be readily accessible via single sign on.

Having a link to isn’t the same as having all the information viewable in one place. Most of us have kids in scoutbook, so it would be more convenient to view adult training status or even take the training courses directly in scoutbook since we are there marking things for our kids anyway.

I work with databases professionally, so I can understand that it is difficult to merge different types of databases. But isn’t it worth it to link scoutbook with the individual training modules so that leaders can assign and track adult leader training requirements on the same page they use for the scouts?


The whole point of SSO is to make switching between sites seamless. Training will always be taken via learning center. Training reports will be hosted by The long term plan for reports is the Scoutbook training report link will connect directly to the reports. Anyone who currently can access the Scoutbook reports should be able to access the linked reports.

Beyond that, it is never best practice to house all functionality on a single cluster of hosts.

From my reading of the latest “Position_Trained_Requirements_All_Programs_as_of_3_7_2019.pdf” i found in training section it looks like Hazardous Weather (SCO_800) is included in E-Learning for the various direct contact leaders.
page 1 CUBS- Cubmaster Assistant Cubmaster and for Den Leader * Assistant Den Leader Hazardous Weather (SCO_800) is included in the Before First Outdoor activity section
Page 3 Scouts BSA SM & ASM Hazardous Weather (SCO_800) is in the Position Trained section
Page 4 Venturing Crew Advisor & Associate Advisor Hazardous Weather (SCO_800) is in the Position Trained section
page 5 Exploring Advisor & Associate Advisor Hazardous Weather (SCO_800) is in the Position Trained section
page 6 Sea Scouting Adult Leader Hazardous Weather (SCO_800) is in the Position Trained section
So it looks like any NEW direct contact leaders will be getting Hazardous Weather (SCO_800)

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That is correct, any Direct Contact Leader that was not previously position trained is now required to take Hazardous Weather Training.

For any direct contact leader that was previously position trained, taking Hazardous Weather Training is a good refresher.

The limit to only one position in the training manager is disappointing to say the least…

I think everyone can agree that all leadership should be trained for the positions they hold to better deliver a “JTE level” of leadership to the scouts.

Realistically, Pack administration must deal with the fact that every single position needed to run a pack cannot be filled by just one person and multiple hats must be worn.

The goal in this case should be providing an administrative tool that covers this situation, as it is the case with most if not all packs.

The “trained leaders” report in Scoutbook used to provide this. We could add leaders dynamically and we could see where those wearing multiple hats stood in regard to the different requirements for those positions.

It is odd that we are making a more JTE experience by removing the ability to at least monitor the “multiple hat” situation. I now have NO way of monitoring this, except going back to asking each leader to send me their training reports. A huge step backwards in my mind. Scoutbook once did this quite easily. This is a real need that is now lost.

The result of this is now a training chair running in the blind, rather than shepherding those with 3-4 hats to get the necessary training and seeing it at the click of a button.

Not to be sore, but this is a setback in my opinion unless there are changes on the horizon…


You do not need to ask each leader to send you their training reports. If you have access to the Training Manager at, click on Search Training (icon looks like a magnifying glass), select the name(s) of the adult(s), then click on Print Member Training Report (icon looks like a piece of paper). This report will display all of their completed training.

I apologize if this is a dumb question, but are there any plans to fix the training sync with Scoutbook? If so, is there an estimated timeline?

Let’s hope so!!!

Standing by for the answer we all know needs to be passed…:flushed:

The training report in scoutbook will not be updated but rather the link to the report on will be presented. This was outlined in the March Blig post and has been stated many times.

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So here’s another issue - we have a crew going to SeaBase where the adults all have to take Safety Afloat, Safe Swim, and Hazardous Weather. It used to be easy - you make sure your training was synced in Scoutbook and you have your printable proof. Now, I just went through that insane process someone above outlined on how you have to go through four layers of digging to find a report that had I not gotten instructions above, I’d NEVER have found. That, my friends, is a crazy step backwards. The whole point of Scoutbook was to avoid this sort of non-intuitive insanity of having to navigate the unnavigatable MyScouting System. And yet, now we’re back to that. I don’t have time to waste trying to navigate a system that clearly is light years behind Scoutbook. BSA, why are you torturing your volunteers this way??? We thought you cared about us…

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If you have people going to Seabase, I recommend the leaders print and carry the actual training certificates from, not unofficial reports from Scoutbook or any other system.


Good advice for any trip outside of your Council.

2 systems, with 2 webpages, with two totally different look and feel is a big step backwards. So, the system in Scoutbook was hard to maintain. Ok, make it better. Punting and having it in the horrible look and feel of my.scouting is a poor step backward to the “single source of info” that Scoutbook provides.

The Training Validation Legacy Tool on my.scouting appears to be down again. I need it to check the progress of one of my den leaders. She doesn’t show up on Training Manager, because her leader application hasn’t been turned in to the council yet.

Over all, Training Manager is weak. I had no idea how to get details from it until this post started. All I saw were pie charts and a list with two numbers. The design is not intuitive. If the Training Validation legacy tool is going to be put out to pasture, the ability to search by BSA member number or username needs to be added to Training Manager.