My son accidentally has 2 Member ID's. Need to delete one, reset the other

We cannot reset the password on my son’s correct account because the system does not recognize it. (131031726) We know the member number is correct because I can see it in my own Dashboard. The other problem is that he has another ID (13610273) which we don’t use and would prefer it be deleted. Who can we talk to to get it corrected?

For BSA member number=131031726, go to Scoutbook’s login screen.

Instead of logging in, click on “Forgot password?”, and you should be able to reset his password.

I have removed the other BSA member number.

@FrankRichardson It also looks like you set up a my.scouting account using your name, your son’s DOB, and your son’s e-mail address.

Having 2 Scoutbook accounts with the same e-mail address is probably part of the problem, so I will remove the e-mail from this other account.

I have a similar problem. Having problems with 3 Scoutbook accounts:

My son has 2 accounts in Scoutbook. 1 is tagged to his old Council (Cape and Islands #13101861). 1 is tagged to his new Council (Mayflower #136182202). Need to remove the Cape and Islands account.

There is a 3rd Scoutbook account which is my Mayflower account #1362203 - parent and committee chair - but the name is not mine in the account, it’s my son’s.

I need to change the name on my account to my own so I can have linkage to

I cannot make any changes at all to any of these 3 accounts. Help.

Will send you a Direct message to discuss

Thank you Jennifer. I “think” we’re making progress, but we seemed to lock ourselves out of my sons account for too many failed attempts. I had no idea I had another profile myself. I’ll keep trying…

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