My son has 2 accounts

When I was at the Scout store they mentioned there are 2 accounts under my sons name. One had the correct date of birth and the other had his younger brothers. When I log in now I can only access the account with the incorrect date of birth. Can I please get some assistance correcting this issue.

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Thank you!)

@SheriSundstrom can you post the BSA # of the accounts?

I found:

129462603 / 12779461 – Only one Scoutbook account, though.

@JenniferOlinger those are the 2 brothers

@DonovanMcNeil Yes, those are the BSA member numbers for the 2 brothers.

@SheriSundstrom What you could do is contact your local council service center and ask them to use their Registrar Tools. In the “Relationships” section, they can add you as a parent to your older Scout. An overnight process needs to run, but the next day you should be connected to him as a parent in Scoutbook.