My sons last name and my last name are wrong in scoutbook

Like I said my last name and my sons last name are wrong in scoutbook but in my. scouting my last name is correct.

@JeremyPavlich will see if we can fix this

@JeremyPavlich what I see it looks good - BUT what are the BSA #'s

It looks like I have two profiles. The one with the wrong last name has a different member ID, the member ID for the wrong last name is 135582101. My sons last name in scoutbook is Parlich instead of Pavlich like it’s supposed to be and his ID is 135582100

@JeremyPavlich Ok you are fixed - cannot fix your Scout but Council can. They also need to Add the AKELA Relationship for you scout to your 8111750 MID - AND remove the Relationship for the 2101 MID

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